BIMAX was founded in 1987 as a developer and marketer of specialty monomers and copolymerisable surfactants for use in a variety of polymer applications. The particular charter of the company has been to perform as a reliable supplier of small to intermediate quantities of specialty products not generally well serviced by commodity oriented producers.

BIMAX is headquartered in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, USA, where Administration, Research, Pilot plant and Production facilities are situated. Additional manufacturing: Decatur, Tennessee, USA. There is also a sales and marketing facility in London, England. Some highlights of our development:

1987: Bimax established in Maryland, USA

1991: First Laboratory and Pilot plant, Maryland, USA

1991: First production: Toll manufacture, USA

1993: Bimax office established in London, UK

1993: First production in UK: Toll manufacture - UK

1998: New manufacturing plant, Tennessee, USA

1998: Expansion of Laboratory, Maryland, USA

2000: New manufacturing plant, on a 5 acre (20000 m²) site, in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, USA

2007: New 20,000 sqf (1860 m²) warehouse in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, USA

2008: Consolidation: Administration, R&D and Production in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, USA

2005-2014: Added multiple small and large reactors, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, USA

2013: Thermal Oxidizer to eliminate air emissions installed in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, USA

2014: New Pilot plant building and New utilities building to facilitate further production expansion

2014: New 5 acre (20000 m²) site with 12600 sqf (1170 m²) building across from main site in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, USA to rehouse Administration and R&D (at 281 Industrial Road).

2019: Acquired by Gelest headquartered in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, USA (at 11 East Steel Road).


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