A N I O N I C   M O N O M E R S

Product Name Chemical Name Description Applications/Comments
CAS: 24615-84-7
Beta-carboxyethyl acrylate 99% active, liquid

Unique carboxylated monomer allowing copolymers with lower Tg than acrylic acid. Tg of BETA-C is circa 30°C, compared with acrylic acid (106°C). Used pressure sensitive adhesives, as low volatility replacement for acrylic acid in radcure.

CAS: 52556-42-0
Sodium 1-allyloxy-2-hydroxy propane sulphonate 40%
active, in

Copolymerisable anionic functionality promotes stability and adhesion in emulsion polymers. These emulsions exhibit excellent mechanical & chemical stability as well as good water resistance. Due to very low levels needed for effective polymerization, less foam is generated using CS-AHPS or DVP-010 than when using conventional surfactants. They are useful in emulsion polymerization under conditions of low pH or high monomer acid levels. This gives them special utility the preparation of polymers for polishes, soil release agents, textile sizing products etc.

CAS: 55866-85-8
Ammonium allylpolyethoxy
(10) sulphate
95% active, liquid

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