A L L Y L   F U N C T I O N A L   M O N O M E R S

Product Name Chemical Name Description Applications/Comments
CAS: 3739-67-1
Diallylether Bisphenol A 93% active, liquid

Used in tough impact resistant prepregs, composites with high heat and chemical resistance, photoresists, coatings with high heat & chemical resistance, insulators with high heat resistance etc.

CAS: 125441-87-4
Ortho diallyl Bisphenol A 90%
active, liquid
CAS: 1746-13-0
Allyl phenyl ether 98% active, liquid

High refractive index, used in high technology applications.

CAS: 1745-81-9
2-Allyl phenol 99% active, liquid

Used in pharma, allyl substituted phenolics, polyesters.

Hydroxypolyethoxy (10) allyl ether 98% active, liquid

Difunctional, used in dispersants, scale inhibitors, flocculants, etc.

CAS: 3232-62-0
Diallyl chlorendate 98% active, liquid

Highly active photoinitiator in radcure formulations for printing plates, fire retardant & hydrolysis resistant polymers, screen printable UV curable inks etc.

CAS: 2694-54-4
Triallyl trimellitate .

A highly effective crosslinker, due to the three allyl bonds. Polymers have improved mechanical properties, improved chemical and high temperature resistance.

CAS: 123-34-2
1-Allyloxy-2,3-propanediol (also known as Glyceryl allyl ether) 98% active, liquid

Used in urethanes, polyesters etc., to provide pendant unsaturation.

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